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How to find the real inherited font-size and line-height for a text?


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Sometimes when I inspect the web page HTML/CSS code and search for the font-size and line-height of a certain text I can not find it.

When I right-click (in Firefox) on this certain text and select "Inspect element"
the corresponding HTML/CSS code is shown in the lower pane in WebDeveloper.

However in the lower right sub pane I do not find the real, final font-size and Line-height.
All occurencies are labeled as "inherited"

Inherited from what?

I expect to get at least one valid font-size and line-height CSS value in the cascade chain.

Lets take an example from a german computer online magazine:


Now right click on the line beginning with

Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SYSTEM\Current......

at the bottom of the core article and inspect element.

For this text I found only "inherited" values.

How do I find out the current font-size and line-height?

I am NOT interested for a particular example but on how to find it out in general.


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If there is nothing in the entirety of the cascade then it means that it is using the browser's default. In Firefox, you can find a "Computed" tab near the "Rules" tab which will have a font-size property in pixels. If you don't see it there then click the "Browser styles" checkbox.

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