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Where to find the CSS values for printing Wikipedia article?

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Assume I want to print a Wikipedia article e.g.


into a pdf file. I click on the left side on "Printable version" ....and got a *.pdf document which contains text with ugly big font-size and not appropriate line-height. The font-size and line-height is significantly different from what I see on the screen.

I want to change these CSS values (later after loading).

But where do I find the corresponding values?
I guess they must be somewhere in a "@media print" section.
But how (where in which CSS stylesheet file?) do I find these print CSS instructions?


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You should be able to find the CSS appropriate by looking for the keyword "@media print".

Looking at the Wikipedia page sources, all of the CSS pages come out of "load.php", so you'll probably want to take a look at the styles from that.

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