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css table-cell width ignored

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Hi im really struggling here. I use a css table with rows and cells to display images in a website. Each cell contains 1 image. Every cell is generated by a php loop. So they all should be equal - except they are not. Whysoever css is making the first cell wider than the rest. Although i got table-layout:fixed on table, rows and cells and have defined width and max-width on cells. I am really desperate. The loop recognises, if there are less pictures in a row and makes extra cells to fill up that row. Theese extra generated cells are there and are all ok with width and everything - just hidden. But the first cell in every row is totally messed up and i have no idea why. Please help.





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Could you include the stylesheet with this? I'm not able to recreate the issue with what you've shown.

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To me it looks like the class and id have been merged together, but it's not that clear.

class="table-cell id+" 1" when should be

class="table-cell" id="1"

ALSO you never start class/id with a number.

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fix auto correct I'd to id

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