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regarding IF/ELSE statements question - why the "!@"?

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Hi W3S! Been a while!

So, i have a question in relation to an if/else statement. It has been a while since ive build websites and want back in the game.

i came across a cms system last night, relatively new, it's one of my friends local build im checking out. In an if/else statement, he is putting something like this down:

  $GLOBALS["{$DB['globals']}"] = mysqli_connect(

Now i know everything inside of the if/else statement, but why the "!@" in the if statement in front of it? Is it just not enough with the "!" sign?

Thanks in advance for clarification :)

Regards, rootKID.

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The error suppression operator is a very hacky solution to prevent warnings. If your code needs this then there is something wrong with your code.

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ok got it, thanks for information ^^'

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