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Mouse scroll effect on WiX


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Hi everyone,

Thought I'd post this on here as maybe someone will be able to help...

I am trying to create a "mouseListener" effect on a WiX platform - as they do not have it.

I am tying to go around it a different way and looking for some ideas.

This is how far I have got:

import wixWindow from 'wix-window';

$w.onReady(function () {
.then((windowSizeInfo) => {
let windowHeight = windowSizeInfo.window.height; //
let windowWidth = windowSizeInfo.window.width; //
let documentHeight = windowSizeInfo.document.height; //
let documentWidth = windowSizeInfo.document.width; //
let scrollX = windowSizeInfo.scroll.x; //
let scrollY = windowSizeInfo.scroll.y; //

I was thinking that maybe there is a way to check to see if say: scrollYa is greater than scrollYb or visa versa. But to do that I would need a way of creating Ya and Yb... but I simply am stuck.

Sorry if it's not the right place to post this.



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