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w3-container going OVER 100% of my screen width


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Hello. Im convertig anold site to W3-css  & started on one page.. (i'll update the other pages soon).




The problem is, that the black menu at the top looks like 98% of the screen-width on a PCC / computer, & the yellow title above it, is 100% wide. HOWEVER, on the ipad - the black menu is 100% of the ipad width, but the yellow title, is OVER the width (making the ipad have a left/right scrollbar - or able to move sideways).


When i first tried to upgrade/fix this page (or page template),  I had the w3-row and w3-mobile on the 3 div areas (menu, main content & right-text).  According to the w3-css website, The sections should be above one another on small (ipad) screens.  Though the main Sudoku board overlapped the right-side text & didnt stack..


Am i forgetting one essential piece of code ? 


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