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I made a website       whit css bootstrap and so on...

But if I test it with a google speedtest it results very speed on desktop while the for mobile it's very slow !

my question is: Can I load only the necessary css for mobile when viewing in small screens?

what other precautions can I do?

Of course I'm using a cms like wordpress.



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You might want to search for a Wordpress plugin that aggregates all of your CSS files into one. Wordpress itself is a problem for page speed in general, but so are frameworks like Bootstrap and jQuery. A fast website should only have one CSS file and as little Javascript running while the page loads as possible.

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You need a plugin that will combine, minify css, in a specific order and has the ability to allow you place these these files where you want,  css at top between <head> and </head>, javascript at bottom. Caching plugin is also required but i believe this included by default. You should have multiple sized images which are created by default for large and mobile devices. On mobiles reduce the use of large background images.

You are able to customize bootstrap to specific features, reducing the size.

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