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pushing keystrokes to browser


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my company changed software to a web-based software.  we have repetitive tasks and they won't listen.  i want to "push" so to speak keystrokes to the browser.  example, without violating company security details, is we have a comment that i have to enter when certain conditions are there met.  not exact comment but say here are the manual steps i have to use the keyboard for ... tab 3 times then enter comment "file to group A" then tab again and press "enter" to submit that comment.  is there a way to do this in JavaScript?  note;  i have played with HTML and CSS and a little JavaScript but have not found a way to automate comments.  

my theory -- please correct if wrong -- is to create my own page where i button to "load" pages and it setups up my desktop and moves all the programs to one of the 3 monitors and sizes them and places them where i like them on the desktop.  that's goal 1.  goal 2 is as listed above to automatic common things we have to enter and save carpal tunnel on my hands.  i've already posted suggested ideas at work and they -- as normal -- don't listen.  the biggest help is how to push keystrokes to an existing page.  suggestions?

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