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Unique keys to each visitor on a page

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This is a weird request, been battling with the idea and the how, hoping for some help. 

I have a list of keys which need to sent out to each visitor who enters a site. the keys are currently on an Excel sheet, the keys must move sequentially down the list (Not repeat the above key) 

I thought of doing this with a form (like a gravity form) the problem is they dont allow you to read of the entries sequentially and show it on the screen that doesnt really work. 

happy to have the codes as an array, just the method of passing it out. if anyone knows of the code which can help me, i will be forever in your debt. 

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you mean the hta access key? and registered id?

if the public domain, then it should be like 'registered' form that string and -print log from the users log in activity....

why would you want for track any activity from users?weird

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