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Remove Pagination from homepage (attached screenshot)


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I'm pretty sure there's an easy solutions for that, but I can't find it

I want the latest 10 posts to display in my Homepage, and the posts before them to not display at all in the homepage (they'd display only if someone is searching them, or find them under tags, etc...). Meaning, I don't want to be pages 2,3,4, etc. to the homepage.

I've tried 3 things, but none make the pagination disappear:

1) Adding the following code into style.css (in child theme files):

.category .entry-pagination {
display: none;
.home .entry-pagination {
display: none;

2) Adding the following code into additional CSS:

p.post-nav-links { display: none; }


3) Duplicating index.php file into child theme, and there deleted the following code piece (actually, this one ended with an error, so I might deleted too much/too little code piece?)

<?php the_posts_pagination( array(
'prev_text' => __( 'Previous', 'newscard' ),
'next_text' => __( 'Next', 'newscard' ),
else :
get_template_part( 'template-parts/content', 'none' );

homepage pagination.PNG

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