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javascript regular expression pattern from variable

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Hello everyone,

Long time no sees I hope y'all fine,

I get some issue with regular expression if the pattern come from variable, these my codes

var data_code = $("#phone).attr('data-code');
var phone_number = '+61111111';

//if I use code like these :

 phone_number = phone_number.replace(/^\+61/,'');
// would return 11111111 === this is expected result

but when I tried

var pattern = "^'\'"+data_code; //I assumed this equal with : ^\+61
var regx = new RegExp(pattern,"g");
phone_number = phone_number.replace(regx,'');

would return '+61111111' in other there is no change,  my expectation it would return same if using usual pattern (^\+61),

in variable data_code have value = '+61'

Q : how to use regular expression's pattern from variable ?

please someone help me


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From that code, it looks like your regular expression is ^''+61. You probably should remove those quotation marks and escape the backslash.

var pattern = "^\\" + data_code;


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