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browsers don't show pictures

Víctor Pan

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Hello, I’m trying to learn how to créate a webpage on html. My first Project is my curriculum vitae. But wen I open the html browsers only show the alternative text (alt) but not the picture. I’ve tried with: Chrome, Explorer, Opera and Mozilla and none of them show the picture. So I probed with a very simple website, just with the image command. An I have the same problem, browsers don't show the image, they only show the alternative text. This is the html code:



<img src="mario.jpeg" alt="Foto Mario">



And the picture name’s is mario.jpeg, and is jpeg format and in the same folder that the html file.

I’ve try in my mobile phone and in a friend's computer, and the result is the same I attatche a screen shot below this


If you can help me it would be great, THANK YOU!!!!


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The problem is that your files have duplicate extensions, probably because Windows is configured to hide the file extensions. To make it work as you have it currently, you would have to use the filename mario.jpeg.jpeg

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Thank you very much, it was a silly thing but it was driving me crazzy. Now it works. 🙂


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