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Can somebody explain this code

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If somebody can explain this code like what does what il swish 15 euros. 

Here is the code its for my nav bar but i have a hard time explaining what everything does.



.dropbtn {


    color: white;

    padding: 16px;

    font-size: 16px;

    border: none;



.dropdown {


    position: relative;

    display: inline-block;



.dropdown-content {

    display: none;

    position: absolute;

    background-color: lightgrey;

    min-width: 200px;

    z-index: 1;



.dropdown-content a {

    color: black;

    padding: 12px 16px;

    text-decoration: none;

    display: block;



.dropdown-content a:hover {background-color: white;}

.dropdown:hover .dropdown-content {display: block;}

.dropdown:hover .dropbtn {background-color: grey;}





<div class="dropdown">

<button class="dropbtn">meny</button>

<div class="dropdown-content">


<a href="La carte/la carte.html">A la carte matsedel</a>

<a href="Veckomatsedel/veckomatsedel.html">veckomatsedel</a>






<div class="dropdown">

<button class="dropbtn" onclick="window.location.href = 'Kontakt/Kontakt.html';">kontakt</button>

<div class="dropdown-content">




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First of all there is a css style given to <button class="dropbtn">meny</button>. In which there is the text color is white and back color is black. And given the padding.

There is also css style is given to dropdown and dropdown-content.

Now this class .dropdown-content a { is given for the anchor tag style.

.dropdown-content a:hover {background-color: white;} when you take your cursor over the anchor tag it's back color will be white. 

.dropdown:hover .dropdown-content {display: block;} same as here, when hover over the dropdown it'll display in the block.

.dropdown:hover .dropbtn {background-color: grey;} and when you hover over the dropdown button it's back color will be grey.


I hope you'll understand it.😅

If there is any question to ask then free to ask me.


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