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dbconnect error? "Couldn't fetch mysqli" error when same query works elsewhere


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My code here works in some locations but not others. I believe it may be due to a faulty database connection. The $dbconnection gets returned from a function intended for the purpose and then passed to functions as needed.

I am getting this error message for a $conn->query("SELECT * FROM formstable"); :


Warning: mysqli::query(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in C:\xampp\htdocs\ ...

(The warning goes on to specify the page and line number of course.)

The code works within the database connection function just before my "return $conn;" statement.

It works within a function "askQuery" called from one location but not anorher.

It does not work at all in a function "showSelect".


This seems the most relevant code:

    $newsqlStatement = showSelect($testConn, "SELECT * FROM formstable"); // will later isolate selectStatement WHERE formname = formname

function showSelect($conn, $sqlStatement) {

            $result = $conn->query("SELECT * FROM formstable");




    return $successSelect; // for now just true or false
} // end function showSelect



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The function is defined in a file brought in via "include" . The call is in the main file.


My intent is to search for a prepared MySQL search term corresponding to the form submitted, and any other corresponding queries like an insert.

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