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my borders are mixing


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Since you haven't provided ANY code to work with, i presume you want the answer as a  image also.

With a image editor:

1) take a copy of each (i would presume) menu item except the first.

2) take copy of background with first menu only

3) paste each menu under the previous equally spaced apart, aligned and obviously with no overlap, tada! Done.

Much quicker and easier than messing around with all that html and css code nonsense.

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I suspect in your file you are using "border-radius:20;" in the CSS for each text element in the menu. I haven't tested it now,  The vertical margins are likely too small. Maybe "margin:40px 0px;" or "margin-top,margin-bottom:40px;" .

To ensure the display as block elements, you could also try an unordered list with "text-decoration:none;" . The list elements default to "display:block;" .

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