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Formatting Paragraphs to same length

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Hi, the below xml is formatting the paragraph strange. the very first line is double the length of all the other lines. I have only included a portion of the text and rather than manually editing the text to format the whole thing to be the longer version how can you format it in notepad++ to all be the same length? Text wrap won't work since all the lines with the exception of the first line are shortened. Thanks

<Section xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/prese..." xml:space="preserve" HasTrailingParagraphBreakOnPaste="True">
<Paragraph FontSize="12" FontFamily="Portable User Interface" Foreground="#FF000000" FontWeight="Normal" FontStyle="Normal" FontStretch="Normal" CharacterSpacing="0" Typography.AnnotationAlternates="0" Typography.EastAsianExpertForms="False" Typography.EastAsianLanguage="Normal" Typography.EastAsianWidths="Normal" Typography.StandardLigatures="True" Typography.ContextualLigatures="True" Typography.DiscretionaryLigatures="False" Typography.HistoricalLigatures="False" Typography.StandardSwashes="0" Typography.ContextualSwashes="0" Typography.ContextualAlternates="True" Typography.StylisticAlternates="0" Typography.StylisticSet1="False" Typography.StylisticSet2="False" Typography.StylisticSet3="False" Typography.StylisticSet4="False" Typography.StylisticSet5="False" Typography.StylisticSet6="False" Typography.StylisticSet7="False" Typography.StylisticSet8="False" Typography.StylisticSet9="False" Typography.StylisticSet10="False" Typography.StylisticSet11="False" Typography.StylisticSet12="False" Typography.StylisticSet13="False" Typography.StylisticSet14="False" Typography.StylisticSet15="False" Typography.StylisticSet16="False" Typography.StylisticSet17="False" Typography.StylisticSet18="False" Typography.StylisticSet19="False" Typography.StylisticSet20="False" Typography.Capitals="Normal" Typography.CapitalSpacing="False" Typography.Kerning="True" Typography.CaseSensitiveForms="False" Typography.HistoricalForms="False" Typography.Fraction="Normal" Typography.NumeralStyle="Normal" Typography.NumeralAlignment="Normal" Typography.SlashedZero="False" Typography.MathematicalGreek="False" Typography.Variants="Normal" TextOptions.TextHintingMode="Fixed" TextOptions.TextFormattingMode="Ideal" TextOptions.TextRenderingMode="Auto" TextAlignment="right" LineHeight="0" LineStackingStrategy="MaxHeight">
<Run>Please read the Confidentiality and Nonsolicitation agreement then acknowledge you understand by clicking the box below. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, hereby agrees with Company (“WK”) (hereinafter “Company,” Company and Signatory are collectively referred to as the
“Parties” or in the singular as a “Party”) as follows pursuant to this Confidentiality and
Nonsolicitation Agreement (“Agreement”):

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