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i'm trying to create a select option tag on my json data to say 'select country' and then when the user clicks on the drop down arrow, they are able to see a list of all the countries to choose from.

This is what i have at the moment but im not sure how to add the select option tag.

if(getCurrency.opstatus ==  0){
  var currencies = getCurrency.currencies;
  var currencyListkData = [];
  var keys = Object.keys(currencies);
   for(var i=0;i<keys.length;i++){
     currencyListkData.push([keys,currencies[keys]+"("+ currencySymbolTab[keys]+")"]);
  self.view.ListBox1.masterData = currencyListkData;
  self.view.ListBox2.masterData = currencyListkData;
  kony.print("Error in service invocation")



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What is self.view? It looks like you may be using some kind of framework. Without knowing which framework you are using and how the framework works I can't tell you how to solve this.

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