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polyline tag in SVG defs


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Why does my polyline tag in SVG not accept style set inside defs tag but does in normal CSS?

Here is my code: 


 .trapezoid2 { fill:beige;stroke:forestgreen;stroke-width:2; }

<center> <!-- I routinely use the center tag for older browsers. -->

<svg height="400" width="800" style="border:5px double blue;background-color:tan;margin:0 auto;" >
        <polygon id="trapezoid1" style="fill:tan;stroke:blue;stroke-width:4;" />
     <use xlink:href="#trapezoid1" points="100,200 150,100 350,100 400,200" />
     <polygon id=".trapezoid2" points="400,300 450,200 650,200 700,300" style="fill:beige;stroke:forestgreen;stroke-width:2;" />


The second trapezoid shows up but not the first.


PHPremote aka Patrick




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The <use> tag just includes the content exactly as it is in the <defs> element. You cannot put attributes on the <use> tag and expect them to be applied to the included elements.

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