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I only know basic basic math like adding, subtracting, division, multiplication. Is it possible to complete the entire Javascript tutorial or not with primitive math skills? Be brutally honest?

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Um I got up to algebra in high school but I dropped out and honestly I literally forgot everything I ever learned when it comes to math. I completed the HTML course and started the CSS course and I'm looking at the Javascript course next but I see it has some math and I went "Uh oh." You know I got literally hundreds of hours of coding left to learn, so if I also had to learn hours upon hours of math as well then that would just be too much and I'm gonna go back to working fast food. So about the Javascript tutorial here on w3schools, with my basic math skills can I complete it or do i need to know more advanced math, be honest cause this is a make or break moment for me?

You know its funny because if you google "Do you need to know math to be a web developer" some people will say you do and many say you dont need math at all just logic, you'll see mixed answers. I would just like to be a front end web developer but honestly if I dont even have enough math to finish the Javascript tutorial here then it I'm gonna give up on the whole thing. I never liked math anyways.

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