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How to install OpenGL for PHP


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I have downloaded FreeGlut, Glew, and Glee which are all nice but I have no idea how to install and use at least one of those libraries in PHP. Thanks ahead of time.


Using PHP v7.3.12

Win 7 x64, 64GB of memory.

If you can - please provide step-by-step instructions. Thanks!

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I wonder if it is even possible. This is not the kind of task that PHP was designed for. It may need to be installed along with a specific extension or it might need to run a compiled executable.

Something I would have to do more research on when I have a bit more time.

Meanwhile, is your task something that can be done using PHP's GD library?

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@Ingolme : No. I'd like to do some 3D graphics. I have already written a class to use GD and to read/write and do operations using GD. Just last week I found a program that allows any program to do the old ANSI colors, movement on screen, etc.... It does NOT require any special code to run. I plan on writing a class and put it on GitHub for others to download and use and I WILL include the program along with it so anyone wanting to do DOS screens for displaying information (or playing games even) can do so.

PHP is very versatile and it is "good enough" to write code like games and such. It DOES NOT do hundreds of frames a second - but it can get up to around eighty frames a second. Right now I am working on restoring my computer. Since I have about a 100 terabytes of files - it is really taking a long time to go through. Like right now I'm working on the over 116,xxx emails. Very tiring.

But - in any event, Freeglut, Glew, and Glee all are drop-in libraries that are supposed to do OpenGL in PHP without any other kind of additional software. But my probem is - I have never tried to install any kind of a library before in PHP so I have no idea how to go about it. So - if you could - could you look at FreeGlut, Glew, or Glee and see how to get them to work? I'm using PHP v7.3.12.


Notes: Heck. It could be just as simple as just dragging the compiled libraries into a directory and then just knowing how to call the libraries. That's just how basic I am at how to do this. Now program PHP? Oh yeah. Know a lot about that. But how to put a library in and use it? Rudimentary at best.

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