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Firefox and textareas


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Hi to all

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put my question but for me it's a great problem in all my applications.

Textareas managed with Firefox browser.

When a user put a string into a textarea, don't use Enter key. The text wraps automatically BUT carriage and return don't appear in the textarea after I have sent the page to the server. This textarea is defined as wrap="hard"

In the string of the textarea 0d25 internal chars don't appear.

The Cgi program I'm using fail to parse the string and my application doesn't function well for this, because I have to parse the string to put in a database with fixed length fields.

The very strange situation is that Firefox is the only browser in witch 0d25 chars (carriage and return) doesn't funtion.

Chrome and IE are functioning.

I've tried to put more and more time the bug in Mozilla bug forum but they respond to me that was an old problem and nothing they do to to solve. I have put the same question a few days ago on Bugzilla but I have none response.

Firefox browser 77.0.1

source code:

<textarea class=iformc name=mytextarea wrap="hard" cols=30 rows=20 onKeyDown="textCounter(this.form.mytextarea,this.form.remLen,600);" onKeyUp="textCounter(this.form.mytextarea,this.form.remLen,600);">


this problem also happens to you ?

Can anyone help me ?
Many thanks in advance


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Many thanks for the response.

Yes, you have reason, because I didn't explain myself well.

The problem in the textarea is not carriege and return but the char when textarea is wrapped hard.

For 4-5 years my applications running on Firefox have read this char 0D0A to know when the text in the textarea wrapped automatically.

In this situation, in my Cgi programs I will be able how to parsing the whole input string to memorize data in fixed database fields.

Now I have a lot of problem with this problem with Firefox, while Chrome and IE continue to have this good behavior.




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