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How do I make a download link?

I am unaware of how to get a file link as in the w3 example.

How would you do it?

Please give code with an explanation. I will understand so don't worry if it doesn't seem specific. Just try to give an example of as much as you can.

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You can use the HTML download attribute to specify that the target will be downloaded when a user clicks on the hyperlink.

<a href="/images/myw3schoolsimage.jpg" download>
  <img src="/images/myw3schoolsimage.jpg" alt="W3Schools">


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Right, I saw the w3 tutorial, but say I want to make a button to download a word doc.

How do I get the file link?

The w3 file logo was myw3schoolsimage.jpg

But what do i put instead of /images/

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