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Use CSS to show media metadata


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Hi, kind of new here. I use to be member several years ago.  Anyways, I've worked some with css over the years and can usually find what I need to change using the inspect codes, but not this time. On my website which is wordpress using Divi theme. I need to show the date and time of the last update of a media file. The media files, MP3 files, are updated daily with a media overwrite plugin. I have be researching the issues for week now and having no luck. I hope someone here can tell me if it ever possible to use css to put the metadate under a media html link. 

The link is

 <a href="URL.mp3">File Name</a>

On the public side it would show like the below example but the last updated would change each time the file updates.  I thought the css would be a way to also show this.   

File Link: audio1.mp3
Last Updated:Fri Jun 12, 2020 03:20:13 pm

File Link: audio2.mp3
Last Updated:Fri Jun 14, 2020 05:20:13 pm

Thank you for your time

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CSS cannot obtain metadata from files. Even Javascript cannot do that, you would need a server-side language to get that information and display it on the page.

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