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Hi all,

I'm newbie here. 

I would like to create a number input field for logged in user to update their daily number of chanting. There will be a number input field, update button, total number of chanting (updated number will sum total automatically) and last is total number of chanting for all users.


I was no idea to get the solution on the function, so I was here to ask for proS to help me on this

Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 6.08.57 PM.png

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Welcome to the forum.

You will not be able to accomplish what you want with JS alone.
It provides local information only.

You will need access to a server to save and retrieve the counts you desire.

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Just a little idea:

you will have to save total number of chanting in database and update it every time when some one do chanting.you will have to use a back-end  language for that.


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