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Mobile Touch alignment wrong/offset?


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Im not sure if this is a CSS Issue or not... I think it is....

I have an iFrame with a simple form embedded (the form is running on google apps Script)... It Works great on desktop browser... but when on mobile, the touch alignment seems to be offset.... so I have to touch below a select box to pick from it... or I have to touch below the submit button to click it.... The embed is on Wix, but as far as I can tell its all working on their end, in that the iFrame resizes nicely. The content inside resizes accordingly (at least visually) but its almost like the touch areas are resizing differently.... 

I tried on 2 different phones with same results.... an Ipad seemed OK, because it didnt need to resize any content.

Anyway, has anybody ever come across something like this before?

Thanks in Advance!

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