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[SKIN] Errors in skin

Jack McKalling

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Hello guys,I see the old skin of before IPS 2.1.7 has been restored as default, and the default of this version has disappeared.In fact, I like the old skin better, but it has undoubtedly some errors due to the new version of the software. Could there maybe an update of the old skin to the current version of IPS? I don't know what others think about the default skin of this current version, but I think the old one is nicer. Although there were some colour mistakes in it, which is nit the case in the new one, this new one has some hard and sharp colours I can't explain. Now the old skin is set to default at this new version, I keep getting javascript errors because of the new version having functions the old one didn't had. The errors say eg. "Object expected" (translated) sometimes even repeatedly, up to five times per page, and it gets annoying when I have it come up automatically :)

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