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Image as table background.


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I have the following style:

    background: url(sfondo_05.jpg) no-repeat fixed top;
    color: #FFB340;
    font: 17px "Comic Sans MS";
    background-size: cover;
Image link: www.gemmamessori.it/sfondo_05.jpg
Original is vertical but it's shown:
- horizontal in Firefox and Brave
- vertical (correct) in Safari, IE7 and Edge

Any idea?


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I don't think this is a CSS issue.

The image file itself is horizontal. There might be an orientation flag embedded into the image file telling it which way is up which one of the browsers is ignoring. Try editing it in an image manipulation program and saving it again.

The other possibility is that it is a CSS issue and there is some CSS rotating the element. I think this is less likely since such CSS would not work in IE7.

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Hi and thank you.

I edit it with CorelPhoto and its vertical. Preview with WinExplorer shows it vertical. Same with MS Paint and MS Picture Manager.
You mention a CSS issue: no rotation property found.

It's a page I made some years ago and I remember earlier versions of Firefox showed it vertical.
Did you try with different browsers?

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