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I need some help.


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My solution will need more than js  but I thought this is probably the most relevant section to post into.


In the house I have two Raspberry Pi's used for security monitoring, temperature monitoring and remote switching of hot water power supply. The Pi's use Python scripts and the interface to users is via database and local web pages. I used a lot of info from w3schools when putting together the web pages.


I have attached the two relevant .php pages currently used to switch power to hot water and a screen shot of their output. I wanted to add the option of timer control to the input and have tried some options adding radio buttons but am getting stuck at an early stage splitting the <form> into sections.

I have attached an image mock up of desired output. I wanted to change to have two radio buttons, with the relative input to the inactive radio button greyed out. I need to have a  variable I can write to the database indicating which radio button is active.

Any direction on how to achieve my target would be greatly appreciated.



hws.php hwsupdate.php

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