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String comparison in If statement

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"select *  from seleniumuser where firstname = 'John'";


fitstname | email

John John@aa.jj

Works just fine.

I like to have an IF statement to validate the first name. 

//Query to Execute		
String query = "select *  from seleniumuser where firstname = 'John'";	

//Create Statement Object		
Statement stmt = con1.createStatement();					

// Execute the SQL Query. Store results in ResultSet		
ResultSet rs= stmt.executeQuery(query);	

// While Loop to iterate through all data and print results		
while (rs.next()){
 		String myName = rs.getString("firstname");								        
        System. out.println(myName);		
        if (myName == "John") {
         } else {
           	System.out.println("Not matched");

Result I am getting:


Not matched.

It should return "Matched" instead. Please advise!

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Try myName.equals("John"). The strings may be pointing to different spaces in memory.

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