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My bootstrap code makes mess in my CSS code

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After I used bootstrap in my project, I recognized that it makes problems in my CSS file.  Every parameter that I used in my CSS file is misplaced when I use Bootstrap. 

When I comment my Bootstrap file, everything is OK. 

What should I do in order these two files to works independently?

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12 hours ago, dsonesuk said:

Bootstrap uses !important A LOT! so you have to do the same and use this to overide bootstrap properties using !important.

dsibesuk, thank you for your answer.

I know that bootstrap use !important, but I don`t understand you what should I do? What does it means to overide bootstrap properties? 

Do you mean I should use !important in my style.css file?

Do you mean I should remove !important from bootstrap file?

Also, I tried to set my style.css file after the bootstrap, but with no success.

I tried to use !important in my style.css file - no success.

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YES! Your stylesheet should always follow bootstrap, check an element through web development tools F12, check elements for bootstrap styling, make note of bootstrap selector, style how you want it and if required add !important. Web developer will let you edit stylesheet live, without actually changing anything, therefore you changr, turn off the styling until you get result you require, it even list the changes you have made to achieve that result, although you have to enable it first.

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