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What Happens to my web page after form is submitted

Joy Singh

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I have created a simple Web Page having a HTML form for the user's name and age details. I had HTML file linked with an asp file that displayed the user's name and age using action attribute xxx.asp. Upon running the code, first web page shows me a form to fill, let it be my page 1 and after finishing the form and clicking on submit button I am redirected to a new web page, consider it as page 2. Now What happens to page 1 after the submit button is clicked, is it stored somewhere or the memory space is freed for page 1. Wanted to know how page 1 works internally.

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Page 1 and Page 2 work like standard webpages.

The request is sent from the browser, the server responds with a response fitting the request.

In Page 1, you request the first page, and you get a form back. (As its HTML)

In Page 2, you request it with parameters like name and age, and the server processes any ASP on the page, and then responds with a modified HTML file.

Once the server has sent the output to the browser, the server has finished its part, and actually isn't running any pages.

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