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Object tag doesn't display PDF

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This is strange but recently my page stopped displaying PDFs using the object tag.  Nothing has changed on the page (in fact, I haven't worked with it in a very long time and there's no one else besides my supervisor who can edit it; I'm 99.99999% sure he hasn't touched it either).  I guess what I want to ask is if there's anything that looks out of place with my code:

$x = 0;
foreach ($arrPDF as $pdf) {
	echo "<object id='bulletin".$x."' data='../path/".$pdf."' type='application/pdf'>\n";
		echo "<span class='error'>Error: Could not load PDF.  Your browser does not support embedded objects.</span>\n";
	echo "</object>\n";

This code used to work, then just seemingly at random one day, it decided not to.  Used to display the PDFs, now I just get the error message.

Any suggestions?  I've already tried updating the browser.  I've tried it in FireFox, Chrome, and Edge.  None of them display the PDFs.  Everything I've seen online about the <object> tag suggests this code should be just fine.  Is there a different/better way to embed a PDF that I'm not finding?

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