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How to apply opacity to background only


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<div class="text-inner text-left text-white">
<p><span style="font-size: 140%;">x x x x x  x x.</span></p>
<a href="http://examplesite.com/" target="_self" class="button secondary">
    <span>xxx With us</span>

<a href="http://examplesite.com/" target="_self" class="button white is-outline">
    <span>xxx Portal</span>



.text-white {
    color: #ffffff;
    background: #0808f3;
    opacity: .5;

Opacity now applied to the texts as well. I only like to apply opacity to background class only. How can I do it?


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The last digits represent the level of opacity the same as opacity property. 0 to 1.

HEX colour also has an alpha in hex numbering you the solid 6 color characters(#00FF00), then by adding two extra hex characters, these will also change transparency (#00FF00A5).

The last two character representing alpha values can be found by googling.


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