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image border not adjusting

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I am trying to make the border around the images in my slideshow thicker, but no matter how I adjust the CSS for the image class, it stays the same. 


.beerImage {
    border-radius: 50%;
    border-width: 400px; <!--I have tried numerous other numbers and percentages-->
    border: solid; 
    border-color: brown;

the attached photo is a screenshot (that is cropped) of what I am trying to solve. it is obvious that the border that you see around the picture is most definitely not 400px, which I know is a bit much, I am just trying to show that it is not adjusting. 


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Unfortunately the op does not want a image as a border, but a solid color.

Either it still using the original css, in cache/history, or the border width is set somewhere else where it has a higher hierarchy than your border width. Inspect the img element to see if this is the case or try using !important with border-width: property  value;

NOTE: The comment you used is for html only! If such a comment exists in css instead of the correct /* css comment */ it will break your css.

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