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Issues with connecting HTML and CSS


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Hello guys,


I hope I'm in the right section for these kind of problems.

I have trouble linking the HTML document with the CSS. I know it's a very dumb problem, and I'm not even a newbie. It's super frustrating because I can't figure out the issue. 

The document I'm using is for a tutorial about Bootstrap. I downloaded the whole package from the link given by the person making the tutorial - even though the link to the CSS was already given when I opened up the HTML, nothing I write in the CSS has an effect on it. I tried everything - I looked up other people having the same problem, I changed the link several times, I changed the position of the link in the head several times (just to make sure I tried out absolutely everything)  without success, I even changed from the MAC I'm working on to a Windows laptop,  but nothing works. I created a new HTML and CSS on both MAC and Windows and connected them, they work just fine, so I can't be that dumb - at least I hope so. 

Can you guys help me? Has it maybe something to do with Bootstrap?


Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-06 um 09.14.26.png

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