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Fleuron size inconsistency


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The word "fleuron" derives from the French "flower" and can be found to be represented by several Unicode characters, and have equivalent HTML encoded values, such as can be seen from this chart: https://www.htmlsymbols.xyz/ornamental-symbols/fleurons

I am having a problem with using these fleurons seen on the above page.  Specifically cross-platform display, where the use of ☙ and ❧   These should be mirror images of each other, however, when these 2 symbols are used and displayed on iOS and Android devices, the symbols are mismatched in size.  One is at least twice as large as the other.  This is not true on the Windows platform, where every web browser I've used show the symbols/characters to be of the same size.

Try loading the above page using your phone/tablet and compare the first 2 characters with a similar page load from your Windows desktop browser.  You will see the issue.

Does anyone know why their representation are not consistent across operating systems?

And more importantly, does anyone know how to ensure that whatever glitch is responsible for the mismatch in sizes can be offset with some code or trick?

Lastly, I don't understand why the use of the other fleurons values such as 🙐 show up as a rectangular box when I insert them into a HTML page, regardless of what platform the page is displayed from.



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