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How to delete whole "@media print { ...}" CSS instructions?


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Oftentimes web pages include a separate *.css file and have additional special CSS instructions inside for printing the article.
How can I delete with CSS-important! or JavaScript this
@media print {  ............. }
rule / instruction?
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Obviously this doesn't work since I have NO Access to the original CSS files.
I am not the owner of the webserver.

I want to change the loaded webpage AFTER loading by scripts with Firefox AddOns like Greasemonkey or Firemonkey.
This work fine for many CSS statements.

So again: Is there a way to delete

@media print { .... }

statements AFTER loading?

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I looked and looked and looked, i can't see anything that would make it that obvious, web page has css, well yes, most do, some have special instructions for printing article, yes some do? Oh wait! I forgot to use my extra powers of perception that the website was not yours and therefore you had "NO ACCESS" to make these changes, OH wait!... I DON'T HAVE THESE powers, so obviously NOT obvious.

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