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I'm an idiot

donald perry

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Hay Guys,
Do you know how I can put a paragraph under up photo, both centered and limited so it does not span the whole page?
This is the best I could do so far (I had to break it into two paragraphs):
<div class="new-bed">
<img src="images/New_Bedford_Water_Dept.jpg" style='max-width:50%;' alt="The City of New Bedford, Dept. of Public Infrastructure water treatment facility."/>
<p>Massachusetts Referances: "The City of New Bedford, Dept. of Public Infrastructure has employed the services of </p>
<p>Continental Chimney and Engineering to perform inspections on our smokestack at the water treatment facility. ..."</p>
It goes in here: Continentalchimney.com   THANKS!!!???
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