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Help with the w3 "Image Magnifier Glass"

Dorpet Flunner

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(Apologies if this is wrong forum!)  I'm trying to help my grandpa add a magnifying glass for on his weebly webpage on postage stamps. We tried the two "apps" that weebly offered, but they are very problematic.

So I tried the one at 
I know nothing about webpages, but I tried replacing their image URL with our own, and pasted the resulting block of code into an "embed code" box on weebly -- and it worked great!... 

Except that we can only do one image per page. If I do this on more than one image, only the top one works. 

Is there a way for a novice to adjust that code so the magnifier would work on multiple images on the same webpage?  

(I'm assuming there's no way to add a magnifer globally, to every photo  -- but one at a time would be enough.)


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