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How to style first word or first 5 letters


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First of all, they are NOT defined as class names with '.'

Second: '.views-field-title' is defined as child element if a space exists between previous class name.

Third: Have you tried nth-bugsbunny its has just as much chance as the non existing nth-letter psuedo property working.

You have to wrap the word with a inline element such as span, b, i element with class name, then style that class name to what you want.

The only one existing is a:first-letter.

You could also use

.views-field.views-field-title a:before {

content: "minus "; display: inline; color: lime ;


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I need to do some study.  I can have title without the word minus. Luckily I can modify the title. After that, I will have a:before to include minus as content so that I can style the word minus. This will do the trick. However, I cant modify the title for other blocks. For that, I need to do some study to see how to style the first few letters or the first word. 


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