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w3css and INPUTS - POST ??


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Hello.  I have a bit of a problem with W3CSS and INPUTS (textarea)


Textarea is not referenced with the above page. 

Here is my HTACCESS :-

RewriteRule ^([0-9]+)?$ /PATHNAME/yours_description.php?entity=$1 [nc,l,QSA]

if i go in the URL - path/67   my script activates and the vaklue of $entity is retrieved.

HOWEVER - PROBLEM. I want a TEXTAREA to be sent as a POST value. But no matter what I do in w3css, the textarea comes out as blank.
(my php script also has print_r for $_GET and $_POST - the $description value isnt passed at all.)

Here is my template 

<form class="w3-container w3-light-grey" action="/yours/description/{$entity}" type="POST">
  <label>Your Business description</label>
  <textarea class="w3-input w3-border-0" name="description" rows="6" cols="45" value="{$description}"></textarea>
 <button class="w3-btn w3-brown">Update</button></p>

Is it possible to use a combination of GET and POST ? I'll rather use GET so a person can easily switch entities. But the rest of the form elements need to be in POST. 

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