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SQL ANY, ALL mistake by W3Schools


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The following SQL statement returns TRUE and lists the product names if it finds ANY records in the OrderDetails table that quantity = 10

Answer by W3Schools.com

SELECT ProductName
FROM Products
WHERE ProductID = ANY (SELECT ProductID FROM OrderDetails WHERE Quantity = 10);

which is wrong, as the result showing by above query is 31, but right answer will be 44

select productname, quantity
from products
inner join orderdetails on products.productid=orderdetails.productid and quantity=10
order by productname

please verify and confirm.


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select Products.productId,Product.ProductName,Orderdetails.quantity 

from Products 

inner join Orderdetails 

on Products.productId=Orderdetails.productId 

where Orderdetails.quantity=10 

Order By Products.ProductName

I think this was is help for you

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