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How to embed not a link to small picture but the picture itself into html source?


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Assume I have an element like

<img src="https://www.foobar.com/mysmallpic.png" ......>samplepic</img>

Now I want to avoid a linking to a picture source on an external server.

Instead I want to embed the few KB of the picture directly into HTML source code. I can imagine that there is a method similar to

<img src=x'21315112A56CED......58889EFED' ......>samplepic</img>

or alternatively with variable:

mypic=x'21315112A56CED......58889EFED' ;

<img src=mypic .....>samplepic</img>

x'...' means the hexadecimal binary content (ANSI or Unicode ?) of the picture source.

Is this somehow possible?


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