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transform:rotate creates extra space below images


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I have a conundrum in this web page:


I created some CSS styles to overlap and rotate some photos but they result in a big empty space below the photos. I have to use <p style="margin-top: -350px"> to force the following paragraph upward. The top two photos are animated horizontally.

The styles for the photos are of the form:

.photo1 {
  position: relative; top: 10px; left: 0px; z-index: 1; transform: rotate(-10deg);

The photos are grouped in a DIV block and each photo references one of the three defined styles (photo1, photo2, photo3). The two animated photos are in separate DIV blocks because they reference the animation code in the HEAD section.

Can anyone offer advise as to why the transform: rotate property seems to add so much space after the photos?

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I think you will find using position relative with top: -350px; causes its height to increase from its relative original position to its relative  new position by the value used. Try using position: absolute; within a position; relative container element OR try using transform: translate(), you may need to change doctype though to html5 doctype.

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