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HTML editor with templates

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I need to build a web page, and so far I noticed that there are basically two styles. One is with Wix or similar pages: they provide a template that can be edited on-site, and then become an actual page. You don't need to know html code, but you don't own the page: you can't edit the code directly, you can't take it to another hosting site, and must work with their terms and conditions and the things that their editors allow to do. The other is with HTML editors like Notepad++: I can make a web page in a folder inside my computer, I control and own everything, and upload it to any web hosting site I choose. You need to know HTML code, of course, but that's not a problem for me. The problem, however, is that with those editors I have to start literally from nothing: new page, basic skeleton of head and body tags, and everything else is up to me. 

Is there something a bit in the middle? An HTML editor that offers some crude and basic webpage templates, so I can start from there and tweak and embellish things by editing the code, rather than have to reinvent the wheel by myself? I'm with a limited budget, so if it's a freeware software, so much the better. 


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