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Make panel centered


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Hello. I'm trying to follow W3 standards (with a few additions above to the standard CSS)

So far, I have this :-



<div class="container w3-center">
  <div class="container w3-panel w3-margin w3-center w3-table-half w3-table-center w3-yellow">




basically i want the 'panel' to be 60% or 70% the width of the screen - i CAN do this :)   


However it is still flushed to the left side of the screen - but taking 60/70% of my screen - depening on how i adjust the code.. 


I even tried o add an outer div with center command - but thats still flushed ' to the left..   i CAN do this with a TABLE. does anyone know how i do it with a div / panel / container ? 

make it centered, & not take over the whole width of the screen.

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