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Nested if code doesn't make any sense...


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The following code reason doesn't make sense.

If x = 41 and I check if its greater than 10 and 20, why would I print out "but not above 20." x is greater than 20 and it's greater than 30 and 40 as well. 

Perhaps w3schools could use a better example for beginners to make it more clear. 

Thank you!

Nested If

You can have if statements inside if statements, this is called nested if statements.


x = 41

if x > 10:
  print("Above ten,")
  if x > 20:
    print("and also above 20!")
    print("but not above 20.")


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Hey Troy! Welcome to the Forums! This example is supposed to work for most values of x.

Given that x is 41, the only output would be

Above ten,
and also above 20!

And if you changed x to be... for instance 16, the output would be

Above ten,
but not above 20.


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