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Hi W3schools. Im a new user and I dont know where I should write this so I write it in general.

I have two things I need help with. The first one is that I created an account on your website w3schools, not here on the forum (maybe they're the same I dont know?).
But I havent received any verification e-mail from your side. So when I try to login with the email and password I registered with it just says; "Your account has not been verified yet".
I dont know what to do?

The second thing I wonder about is how you managed to hide your header on scroll down and at the same time have the navigation bar stick at the top afterwards?
Ive attached a picture to illustrate which header above the navigation bar I mean.
Does it require Javascript to do this or just HTML and CSS? Would be super nice if you guys could illustrate with the code needed.
Because I think this feature is very nice and I would like to use it myself.
Thanks in advance. /Webmike


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