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Count with sub querry


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I have this table "plays":  
artist title  
artist_1 title_1  
artist_1 title_1  
artist_1 title_2  
artist_2 title_1  
I want to have something like this:
artist title counts
artist_1 title_1 2
artist_1 title_2 1
artist_2 title_1 1


I tried some querries wih SELECT DISTINCT and and GROUP BY but did not get what i wanted.

Do you have any hint for me? I guess i need a sub querry. Thank you!


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Hey there! Welcome to the forums!

This one can be a bit mind boggling. But I did manage to get it to work.

It involves using GROUP BY on both `artist` and `title`. Take a look!

SELECT *, COUNT(title)
FROM plays
GROUP BY artist, title


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