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good evening,

i'm trying to get info from openweathermap to my own site i only know html - css and a little php.

php say that the first line <?php $url = .... ?> have a error i d'ont undestand the problem.

here is my code that i use for getting this information :

		<?php $url = https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/find?q=Veurne&units=metric&type=accurate&mode=xml&APPID=my own id; $getweather = simplexml_load_file ($url); ?>
		<?php $gethumidity = $getweather->list->item->humidity('value'); ?>
		<?php $gettemp = $getweather->list->item->temperature('value'); ?>
		<?php $feelslike = $getweather->list->item->feels_like('value'); ?>
		<?php $speed = $getweather->list->item->speed('value'); ?>
		<?php $direction = $getweather->list->item->direction('code'); ?>
			<li>Temperature: <?php echo($gettemp); ?> &deg;C</li>
			<li>feels like: <?php echo($feelslike); ?> &deg;C</li>
			<li>wind speed: <?php echo($speed); ?> m/s</li>
			<li>wind direction: <?php echo($direction); ?></li>
			<li>humidity: <?php echo($gethumidity); ?> %</li>


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I can haphazard a guess, that you haven't put quotes around your string.

You also may want to directly include the error, because an "error" could possible be your internet being offline.

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